What's the difference between Tasks and Service Requests?

When to use tasks feature and when service requests?

When creating tasks in the mobile application, the user can make use of the task templates created in advance by the admin user, from which the instructions for the task and possibly the task form attached to the task can be obtained. In mobile, you can only use task templates for which repetition is NOT defined. This method can be used in cases where "as needed" or "on demand" tasks are involved.

The tasks functionality is typically used in Spotilla for the following things:

  • Maintenance program for equipment (pre-planned work)
  • Defining periodic inspections (e.g. calibrations, weekly rounds, annual maintenance, monthly inspections...)
  • We want to set an e-mail alarm to go out at a certain time (in relation to the due date of the task) to a certain address
  • Taking responsibility for various matters with deadlines, such as
    • Inspections
    • Expiration of personnel qualifications
    • Updating various registers (such as the chemical register).

You should use a service request if the process requires it. Such cases can be, for example:

  • a person who does NOT have IDs on Spot must be able to open (e.g. fault) notification in Spotilla
  • we want to create an automation that whenever a certain type of service request is opened in Spotilla, "notification must appear in the management portal with role X and/or in mobile with role Y." This requires that the admin user can define in advance at least one work queue where the notification should appear. This work queue can be visible to users of a certain role either in the management portal and/or in the mobile application.
  • when you want an email alert to be sent from the creation of a new service request in Spotilla
  • you want to monitor the lead time of the notification (ie the measurement of time from the moment when the notification is created in Spotilla to the moment when the notification is acknowledged as complete)
  • if several different parties need to be able to comment on the announcement
Customer Administrator determines in advance (in the service request settings) which work queue each service request type should go to, when the notification of the service request type is opened in the system.

A task/tasks can be attached to the service request if the work requires, for example, a task form. Please note that both the service request and the task must be acknowledged. The task/all tasks that are attached to the service request must be acknowledged first.