Why does Spotilla log me out automatically?

Session length settings and page refresh rate

The administrator can adjust the length of the session, ie the time after which Spotilla automatically logs the user logged in with the browser out of the system if / when he / she has not taken any action on Spotilla.

Remember that limiting the length of a session is a security feature. If you set the session length for certain users to "no logout," those users will never log out of Spotilla. Such a setting should never be made for a user accessing Spotilla from unknown/shared workstations.

This feature is mainly intended for workstations / equipment on the factory production floor that never leave the site and are logged in with a shared ID whose password is not known to users.

The session length setting is displayed by the service administrator behind the "Settings" menu.


Session length

For example, if you want a function on a workstation on the production floor where users do not have to log in to the service, you must specify "No logout" in the setting for the logged-in user of that workstation.

Page refreshing

The administrator can define that certain Spotilla pages will be automatically reloaded at defined intervals.

For example, if you want the workstation on the production floor to automatically update the view that is open to it, the administrator must specify the setting. This setting then applies to all users.