Why should you mark the devices with an NFC tag or a QR code?

How can the devices be identified and differentiate from each other?

Device labeling is important because in many cases it is difficult or even impossible to distinguish two similar devices from one another without proper device labeling.

In the Spot service, the devices can be marked with NFC tags, QR codes or self-printed stickers. Labeling devices makes data retrieval significantly easier and faster.

Spotilla's admin user creates the necessary Tags/Codes/Stickers in the system, after which other users can either use the mobile application or the browser interface to define which tag is on which device.

If the current device base is not marked/identified, we recommend the following procedure:

  • Create a sufficient number of Tags with your Spot
  • Tags are distributed to maintenance/installers/supervisors who encounter the devices in the physical world
  • Create devices (spots) in Spotilla
  • When an unmarked device is encountered, a Tag is attached to it and a mobile application is used, which can be used to define the correct Tag that has just been attached to belong to the device

Once the device has been permanently marked and the system has information about this, fleet and device management is easier.

Every time the user reads a QR code or NFC-Tag, GPS coordinates, time stamp and user information are stored in Spotilla. In this way, information about where the devices move also begins to accumulate.

For example, moving equipment on construction sites can always be read when being brought to the construction site or taken from there to the warehouse, in which case the system has factual information about which construction site and by whom it was read. the device has been located.