Working time monitoring

How does the working time monitoring work?

The Administrator creates the necessary working time rules on Spotilla to automate the accumulation of working time.

For example, if a working time always starts at 07:00 and ends at 15:00 on weekdays, an automatic rule can be created that accumulates that working time for the roles / users selected according to this rule.

The same rule can be used to automatically reduce the 0.5h lunch break between this, so that the accumulated working time is automatically 7.5h

The working time rules can also be modeled on public holidays and other possible days for which you do not want to record working time but a (paid) holiday.

The employee always sees in the mobile app whether working time is in progress or not. The employee can stop working hours and make other entries and start it again later.

Working time rules are created in Settings -> Work time rules (administrator only).

working time rule

One user (person) can only belong to one (1) working time rule at a time.

The most sensible way is to design working time groups that correspond to different “roles” or “shifts” and then attach the right people to the right working time groups.

It is also possible to facilitate the work by attaching a Spotilla user group to one working time rule, so that all users in that group belong to the working time rule.