What are the work orders in Spotilla?

How does the work orders function?

It is not necessary to use work orders at Spotilla. The work order feature is suitable for those users who want to get better and more accurate reporting of tasks performed on a customer-by-customer basis.

Work orders are set up for the customer to compile tasks for reporting . Work orders alone is not a "work to be performed", but all the tasks that belong to it are established for the work order. Typically, work orders are, for example:

  • A thing that brings together certain types of work, such as "contract maintenance", "annual maintenance", "project work"
  • A thing that compiles the tasks of a particular project or larger job, such as "Bridge project work" or "Factory downtime"

    An unlimited number of work orders can be established for one customer and the work orders can be valid until further notice or in continuous use.

    Whenever a new task is created, it can be attached to the work order by the Manager in the browser interface. The mobile user can also go to the work order via the menu and create a new task with it.

    Whenever a task is attached to a work order, it can be reported through the work order. In this way, certain types of work can be easily reported by customer. (Customer must be attached to a folder)